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Welcome to Fazenda Rio Monapo

In 2018, Jacaranda Monapo Lda. acquired the farm Fazenda Rio Monapo, which is located between the commercial cities of Nampula and Nacala in the Nampula province of Northern Mozambique.

The former owner had a large production of bananas on the farm, but the Panama TR4 disease destroyed the banana plantation and the production could not be recovered. Jacaranda Monapo consequently replanted the banana plantation with Panama TF4-tolerant banana plants. The farm also set up an In Vitro Laboratory to multiply the best-performing plants with the highest level of resistance to the disease.

The farm has since successfully kept the Panama TR4 under control with the application of Efficient Micro-organism, Trichoderma fungus, and organic materials in spite of the disease being present in the soil. 750 ha had been planted with the Formosana variant, and bananas were again produced – until cyclone Gombe in March 2022 totally destroyed all 750 ha of the banana plantation. 235 ha were promptly reestablished and are now in full production.

As a consequence of the more and more frequent extreme weather, the Company decided in 2022 to reduce the dependency on banana production, by diversifying and increasing the production of more weather-resistant crops and selling most produce at the local market in Northern Mozambique.

Fazenda Rio Monapo is contributing to the long-term economic growth in Northern Mozambique by employing around 600 people from the surrounding area, and by supplying the local market with needed and healthy produce.

In addition, the Company decided to create a project called Feeding the World, and a pilot project involving 50 families was started in 2022 at Fazenda Rio Monapo.

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